I’m Korbalagae Kuawogai. I Engineer High Quality Early Childhood Education Programs.

Korbalagae Kuawogai is a leading expert in the area of early childhood education and CEO of Yassah-Rose Early Learning. Throughout her years of experience she has served as an advisor, teacher trainer and curriculum developer in the United States of America (USA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Republic of Cameroon and the Republic of Liberia. Ms. Kuawogai has personally trained over 5000 teachers internationally as well as consulted in the development of high quality early childhood settings. In her capacity as Head of the Curriculum Development and Planning Unit for Early Childhood Education and Care & Cycle One for the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education she led the development of Baraem Al Mustaqbal: The UAE National Early Childhood Curriculum Birth to 8. 

Ms. Kuawogai also serves as a School Run Academy Partner for the Lagos State Safety Commission School Safety Program, was appointed to Governing Council of the Ola-Up Foundation for Culture, Education and Wealth as well as Secretary General to the Global Academics Research Academy Liberia Chapter. In addition, Ms. Kuawogai serves as an Expert Advisor to the Liberia Early Childhood Professionals Network where she develops instructional material for local early childhood settings in Liberia. Ms. Kuawogai also serves on the Access to Quality ECED Services Working Group for the African Early Childhood Network.

Ms. Kuawogai is a passionate advocate for early childhood professionals and families of young children, as research and practical application has shown the adults in a child’s life have the greatest impact. It is her belief that families and early childhood practitioners need and deserve professional support and recognition to ensure young children have the best start possible. Ms. Kuawogai also recognizes the importance of the home-setting connection and encourages settings and schools to establish strong, clear partnerships with parents.

I Design Early Childhood Education



Using developmentally appropriate practices to ensure all children have access to the knowledge, skills and understanding required for success.


Learning Spaces

Using a keen understanding of child development to design high quality physical spaces for young children to thrive.



Using culturally relevant, standards aligned and appropriate practices to develop instructional resources for young children.


Professional Development

Using contextually relevant trainings to develop the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills of early childhood educators.

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