Korbalagae Kuawogai

Leading Expert in Early Childhood Education

Understanding your needs and designing bespoke solutions for Early Childhood Education (ECE) at the local, state, national and international level.

I Design Early Childhood Education



Using developmentally appropriate practices to ensure all children have access to the knowledge, skills and understanding required for success.


Learning Spaces

Using a keen understanding of child development to design high quality physical spaces for young children to thrive.



Using culturally relevant, standards aligned and appropriate practices to develop instructional resources for young children.


Professional Development

Using contextually relevant trainings to develop the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills of early childhood educators.

For Governments, Schools Systems, Teachers & Parents

Moving National and Personal Early Childhood Education Agendas Forward Is My Goal.

Quality Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Stakeholder Engagement

ECE Professional Development Workshops

Practical Early Childhood Education Resources

About Me

I’m Korbalagae Kuawogai. I Engineer High Quality Early Childhood Education Programs.

I am a leading expert in the area of early childhood education and CEO of Yassah-Rose Early Learning. Throughout my years of experience I have served as an advisor, teacher trainer and curriculum expert in the United States of America (USA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), The Republic of Cameroon and the Republic of Liberia. I have personally trained over 5000 teachers internationally as well as consulted in the development of high quality early childhood settings as well as designed high quality early childhood settings. In my capacity as Head of the Curriculum Development and Planning Unit for Early Childhood Education and Care & Cycle One for the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education I led the development of Baraem Al Mustaqbal: The UAE National Early Childhood Curriculum Birth to 8. 

Ensuring children have the best start possible in life is beneficial not only to the individual child but to the larger society and the world.


What Collaborators Are Saying

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Korbalagae. She is efficient, dependable, creative, smart, and extremely professional both in her appearance and attitude. In rewards to curriculum/resources, her ability to create child-friendly, hands-on material is phenomenal. She understands the minds of children, how they work and interact in the learning space. As such, she is able to develop activities, materials, and resources that are developmentally appropriate and aligned with the curriculum. She is also able to write curriculum that caters to the needs of children and where they are individually and collectively.”

Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah

“Korbalagae joined our team in 2014 and had an immediate impact on the project we were working together on. Her knowledge of Early Childhood Education and her ability to assist others in developing their practice were a significant contribution to the students, teachers and schools involved in the project. She maintained the highest levels of professionalism throughout her time with the organisation. The professional development workshops which she designed and delivered were engaging and targeted to the needs of the participants, resulting in visible pedagogical improvements being experienced in the schools which she supported. It was a pleasure to work with Korbalagae and I’m confident that she will have a similarly positive impact on any organisation she joins in the future.”

Sean Casey

“Korbalagae has an incredible way of leading and supporting her educators and students both in and out of the classroom. She holds herself and those around her to high standards and accountable for their education and their actions. She has a way of presenting new ideas and strategies during Professional Development sessions that makes them easy to comprehend, relevant and help with the skills to make them ready to implement.
It was a pleasure to work alongside her as a colleague and with her as a mentor. The time spent working with Korbalagae has deemed invaluable as I further my career in education. She is an irreplaceable asset to any school or educational community.”

Shannon Smith

“Korbalagae is a highly experienced trainer of both teachers and school leaders, bringing an enthusiasm and passion to meetings and training events. She would be an asset to any educational establishment.”

Gary Henderson

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